Our Lady of Peace Current Ministry Listing


Antioch/Martha Ministry (Church Cleaning)

The Antioch/Martha Ministry Church Committee is a ministry which offers its service to Christ Himself through its service to the liturgical worship of the entire community. The Ministry takes the very first step for all of us in bringing a sense of sacredness to our liturgical worship. This ministry creates the environment for the liturgy, a welcome atmosphere and all necessary preparations for the Eucharist.


Ministry of Consolation

Wendy/Glenn Harris 215-917-9206

Offers love and support to those who have lost a loved one through death. Our support group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the St. Anne’s Room. For more information, call Wendy or Glenn 215-917-9206 or email:


Social Concerns

Rose Otto 629-6142 x114

The purpose of St. Mary’s Social Concerns Ministry is to unite the people of the parish and their charitable works into one common effort. The St. Mary’s Social Concerns Ministry invites all to participate. The ministry asks for a commitment of work on behalf of its ministers. The work of the ministry is the collection of food, clothing, blankets, baby items and hospital items which are distributed first to the local ministerium for daily distribution to the needy, then to the institutions that feed, house or clothe the poor and the homeless. The Social Concerns Ministry supports a day to day food distribution for all parish members and their referrals.


Eucharistic Ministers

Deacon Jim Hallman   629-6142 X113

Eucharistic Ministers serve at Mass and/or bring Communion to the sick and homebound. The primary ministry of Eucharistic Minister at St. Mary’s is care and support of the sick and homebound. The Eucharist is given to the Eucharistic Ministers during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Eucharistic Ministers go forth from the Mass directly to the homebound with prayer and blessing of the priest presider. Their primary responsibility is to bring Christ in the Eucharist and Christ in the Community to all who hunger. This wonderful ministry displays for us so clearly the unifying bond that comes from the Eucharist. The focus of our Eucharistic Ministers also is to help the prayer connectedness of all – those who are able to gather in our Church and those who are not.


Family Life/Elizabeth Ministry


St. Mary’s Family Ministry supports and strengthens Christian families through activities that stress sharing and self-giving within our parish community. The Family Ministry also fosters faith development among our children. The ministry enables them to experience positive interaction among adults who bear witness to Christ.


Lazarus/Funeral Masses


Lazarus Ministry is a Ministry designed to support the families who have lost a loved one during their time of bereavement. This Ministry helps families prepare the Mass of Resurrection with the Readings and Symbols that proclaim our faith in the promises of Jesus. The ministry presents a social setting following the funeral rite for family and friends to share and break bread within the parish setting. The ministry attempts to minister to the bereaved family during quiet time, weeks after the funeral rite. The Lazarus ministry usually visits the families, is present at the Mass of Resurrection, and is present to the family in their need. The ministry, as other ministries of the parish, emphasizes the prayer connectedness of he worshiping community.



Deacon Jim Hallman  629-6142 x113

Lectors proclaim the Scriptures and share leadership in prayer at all weekday and Sunday Liturgies. Lectors are expected to engage in ongoing training in proclaiming the Good News. The emphasis of the Lector’s training is understanding of the Scriptures, integration of the Word and the Proclamation of its message as an act of faith.


Liturgy Committee

Jon Agresta   589-3228

The Liturgy Committee meets monthly to focus on ways to enhance our liturgical celebration and to prepare for the liturgical seasons.

Ministers of the Altar/Altar Servers

Deacon Jim/Loren Laughlin 629-6142 x119

This ministry is open to both boys and girls in the fourth grade and up. It offers an opportunity of service which is most important to the young men and women of the faith community.


Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers at Mass

Joe Sottosanti  856-889-9468

This ministry includes men and women as ushers and greeters who serve at each of the weekend Masses and on all special liturgies. We welcome men and women to serve in this Ministry. This ministry focuses on welcoming the faith assembly. Our ministers of hospitality express the first greeting of warmth and welcoming at the entrance of our church. The men and women in this ministry help to create the openness, warmth and generosity of our worshiping community. It is their focus to express our need for each other in worship and an appreciation for the ways in which we fulfill this need.


Music (Choir/Folk Group/Childrens Choir)

Choir:  Jon Agresta  589-3228
Folk:  Toni McCann 728-1294

Includes Choir, Folk Group, Children’s Choir and Ensemble Groups. St. Mary’s Music Ministry is one of the most generous ministries of our parish. They give one night a week in rehearsal for our liturgies and they are present at all of the ll75 masses celebrated each year. They prepare for First Communions, Confirmation, special liturgies and Sunday liturgies. They are also present during Advent and Lent and have festivals of Scripture and Song for the entire Williamstown community free of charge. The admission asked is a non-perishable food item that is given to our Social Concerns ministry to be distributed to the poor. The Music Ministry of St. Mary’s has also established a week of unity uniting all of the churches of Williamstown and their pastors and ministers in a celebration of Word and Song. All are welcome to sing in the Choir, Folk Group or Ensembles unconditionally, without audition. All that is required is a deep desire to enhance our liturgy through song.


Donna Callaghan  875-7511

The parish nursing ministry invites registered nurses from Saint Mary’s to share their time, talent, and expertise in order to promote the holistic health of our parish community. This holistic view of health is based on the parish nurse philosophy that spiritual health is central to well-being. The parish nurse promotes health by functioning as a health educator, health counselor, referral agent, facilitator of health, and advocate.


PARISH NURSING MINISTRY NEWS:   (updated Jan 17, 2021) 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides the most complete and up-to-date information about the Coronavirus. The following is just some of the information that can be found on their website at

How to Protect Yourself When Going Out:

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others.  Choose a mask with 2 or more layers of washable, breathable fabric that fits snugly against the sides of your face.
  • Stay 6′ apart and avoid crowds.  The more people you are in contact with, the more likely you are to be exposed to COVID-19.
  • Avoid indoor spaces as much as possible, particularly ones that aren’t well ventilated.  You may find it harder to stay 6′ apart in indoor spaces.
  • Wash your hands often.  Use soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place or hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Inez Troiano    875-9509   

This ministry knits and crochets shawls for the sick, elderly and homebound adults as well as the newborns of the parish.


Prayer Network

Parish office 629-6142 

If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Network, contact the Parish Center. The Prayer Network attempts to communicate through the entire parish the special intentions and needs of all who have asked of our prayers. Every parishioner is asked to give some time in prayer each day for the parish family. This daily commitment to prayer becomes the primary commitment of membership. The Prayer Network has as its goal an awareness of the parish’s connectedness in prayer and the belief in the miracles that are possible through the promise of Jesus that ” two or three are gathered in His name…He is there.


Pre-Cana/Marriage Prep

Monica/John Erhard 856-889-8165

Pre-Cana is a ministry that engages couples as they make their immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage. It is held in the Spring and Fall each year. The ministry uses the Priests’ house for this sharing. Trained couples, from the parish, share with large and small groups of engaged couples personal experiences of marriage, questions and answers concerning relationships and provides an opportunity for small break out groups for discussion. The Pre-Cana ends with a para-liturgy in St. Mary’s Church with the blessing of the engagement rings by the Pastor, together with the married couples who have presented the Pre-Cana experience.

Single/Single Anew Ministry

Barbara Hoover  417-4887

Young singles 30+     The goal of the Single’s Ministry is to establish a faith filled community of people journeying. The ministry asks people to assemble at the parish liturgies, to break bread together, and to meet at times, for prayer. The ministry fosters growth and integrity.

Social Life

Nilka Gualtieri  856-725-7982

Provides occasions for the parish community to come together in fellowship. The Social Life Ministry provides many occasions to come together in fellowship. The Social Life Committee is present at all sacraments and all parish celebrations. The ministry seeks out the special gift in each person. The committee provides occasions for the parish to sit and enjoy each other and to break bread in fellowship. The Social Life Ministry provides for us the vehicle through which the parish can become a “personality” that expresses great joy.


Ed Duckworth   856-589-3140

It is important that your military service by recognized in our community of Our Lady of Peace Parish. You and your family have served God, Church and Country well. Please register, so that as a community, we may be an example of Faith and Service to others. Thank you for your service. To register, contact: Ed Duckworth 856-589-3140

Betania X Prayer Group

Carmela Valeno       863-1926

1st Thursday of month, Mass at 7pm then follow to Marian Hall.  Meets weekly on Thursday from 7-8:30pm in Marian Hall.  Begins with rosary, reflection on Psalm 91, prayer to St. Michael.  Continues with discussion focusing on the approved messages and apparitions of our Lady in Venezuela.

Adopt a Shrine Ministry

Deacon John & Irene Kacy  629-3510

This ministry is supported by volunteers who maintain and beautify our property.